10+ Best Travel Website Templates

Looking for a travel website template that will make your business stand out? Look no further! In this section, we will explore a collection of travel website templates that are designed to captivate your audience and showcase the beauty of your destinations.

Whether you’re a travel agency, tour operator, or simply an adventurous blogger, these templates offer stunning visuals, user-friendly layouts, and customizable features to suit your unique needs. From vibrant beach getaways to serene mountain retreats, there’s a template for every type of traveler.

With these travel website templates, you can easily highlight your services, display enticing images of destinations, and provide essential information such as itineraries, pricing details, and customer testimonials. Whether you’re promoting luxury resorts or budget-friendly backpacking trips, these templates will help you create an immersive online experience for your visitors.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression with your travel website. Explore our collection of travel website templates today and start inspiring wanderlust in your audience!



Triship – Travel Agency Website Template is a booking template that can be used for multiple purposes. Triship is the ideal choice for websites specializing in ship travel, hotels, resorts, tours, car rental, and more.


Travela is an HTML template that is free and modern, designed for travel and tourism websites. Travela, our free tourist guide website template, has a responsive design that guarantees a smooth browsing experience on multiple digital devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The layout automatically adjusts to various screen sizes and enhances the visibility and accessibility of your valuable users’ content.


Traveler is a Bootstrap template that is free and can be used for travel agencies and hotels. This template’s outstanding design is due to its modern and clean design.


Trevlo is a modern HTML template that can be used to book travel and tours. This is an excellent option for travel agencies, tour operators, trip booking websites, adventure and booking companies. I am seeking a search function that is both unique and intuitive to use on all travel and tourism websites and businesses.

Love Travel

Love Travel is a website that has multiple pages and a theme that can be used for many things. The site was made for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel blogs, but its creative graphics make it simple, modern, and flat, making it suitable for any business. Love Travel offers a complete range of tourism services, including hotels, resorts, honeymoons, cruises, travel, and more. They may also be a good fit for your creative agency (web agency).

City Tours

CityTours is a HTML5 site template that can be used by companies/agencies that offer services to tourists. This can be used to give general information about city attractions, purchase tickets, tours, tour guides, hotels, transfers, and travel.

Eforlad travel

Eforlad – Travel Agency HTML Template is a travel website template that is fully responsive and can be used to create your own travel agency business website. It has a distinctive design interface and is suitable for any industry website.


Travele is an HTML template that was designed specifically for building versatile sites in the travel and tour agency industry. Travel agencies, tour operators, tourism, trips, destinations, trip booking, adventure, accommodation, and all other travel and tour websites are included in this list.

Wonder Tour

Using a simple travel agency website template, you can create a trustworthy website with the help of tools provided. Travel agencies, just like any other companies, must have an appealing website. Businesses across the globe rely heavily on their web resources.


Tripx is the ultimate travel companion to unlock your dream vacation. The ease of planning and booking your next adventure is made possible by our modern, sleek design and user-friendly interface. tripx is the solution to hassle-free travel. Let go of stress and start experiencing unforgettable moments with Tripx! Tripx is here to make your travel dreams a reality. Finding and booking the perfect hotel has never been easier, thanks to user-friendly features and a wide selection of destinations. Say farewell to old-fashioned booking procedures and welcome the seamless journey with Tripx today!


GeoTrip is an incredible HTML template for a tour and travel agency that was created using Bootstrap5 and SASS. Customizing its color, font, and layout is a simple task. GeoTrip has a variety of features and pre-made home demos that make your website stand out and appeal to visitors.

Backpack Story

The use of an online travel agency template is a powerful tool for promoting tour agency services. Your profits may be reduced if you don’t have a website, which prevents you from reaching clients from other countries. Particularly if you are in charge of a tourist agency or a hotel. To provide customers with all the important information and create a trust atmosphere, a specially developed website is required. HTML templates can be extremely useful because of that.


Traveler – Travel and Trip Business HTML Template was created for the purpose of building travel agencies, Tours, travel websites, tour operators, tourism, trips, destinations, adventure, and all other travel and tour websites and businesses.

Andtour Travel

AndTour is designed to manage travel and tourism agencies’ websites with a responsive travel management system. AndTour – Travel Agency HTML Template created specially to build such as travel agency, tour, travel website, tour operator, tourism, trip, destinations, adventure and all other travel & tour websites and businesses






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