15+ Best Plumber WordPress Themes

If you’re a plumber looking to create or revamp your website, WordPress has got you covered with a wide range of plumber-themed themes. These plumber WordPress themes are specifically designed to showcase your services, expertise, and professionalism in the most effective way possible.

Whether you specialize in residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, or both, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. From clean and minimalist designs to bold and eye-catching layouts, these themes offer a variety of styles to choose from.

With features like easy customization options, responsive design for mobile compatibility, and integration with popular plugins for appointment booking or contact forms, these plumber WordPress themes make it easy for you to create a professional online presence.

So why settle for a generic website when you can have a tailor-made theme that reflects the essence of your plumbing business? Explore our collection of plumber WordPress themes and find the perfect one that will help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients.

Plumbing Service

Plumber Services

Plumber Services is an excellent free WordPress theme designed for handymen, plumbers, maintenance services, repair and remodeling, roofing services, and construction. This theme has a responsive design that is simple and adaptable, enabling your website to work seamlessly across multiple devices and web browsers. Users don’t need any coding skills to use the user-friendly interface. The beauty of your theme is enhanced by the stunning CSS animations and effects, making it more interesting. The design will be further enhanced by the inclusion of numerous Call to Action buttons (CTA). This WordPress theme is built using the Bootstrap framework and is robust.


The Fixflow WordPress theme is a pre-designed template that is specifically designed for websites that deal with plumbing services, repair, and maintenance businesses. The theme was designed to give plumbers, plumbing companies, or service providers a professional and visually appealing online presence. The theme is very easy to customize with Elementor page builder and it has a lot of features and very strong admin panel for any client to make a good website quickly. In addition, WooCommerce enables you to create an online store website.


ProHauz is a WordPress theme designed for home improvement and maintenance services, including plumbing, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and solar system services, but it also complements other industries. The needs of businesses providing home improvement and repair services and their clients were taken into account when building this WordPress theme. By using the one-click demo content importer tool, you can create a fully featured website. The theme options panel allows you to personalize your WordPress website by replacing the demo content with your own content.


An informative website is necessary if you want to inform everyone in the area about your plumbing services as a plumber. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive services from developers and designers. Your website can be customized almost magically with various widgets provided by this WordPress theme. There are many elements in the Elementor constructor that you can utilize for your purposes. Using any possible device and feeling comfortable while using the website is possible with responsive design.


This WordPress theme is made specifically for plumbers, electricians, handymen, roof repairing, and other repairing and construction companies. We conducted research in the industry and attempted to create the pages that make up an average website. PlumberX was made user-friendly, modern, and coded according to the latest standards to ensure fast loading and high ranking through our work. Changing the visual style of the Plumberx theme is possible without touching a single line of code thanks to its many customization options.


Plumco is a WordPress theme that caters to plumber services. Plumber services can benefit from a modern, beautiful, and elegant theme. You have the freedom to modify any section as you wish. Plumber Services offers a customized option and each section is unique and creative. The appearance is outstanding on both mobile and desktop devices. It is clean and straightforward.


Hauzo Handyman & Repairing WordPress Theme is specifically designed for construction, handyman, plumber, carpenter, painter, welder, maintenance services, and all types of repairing services. The features included in this template are essential for your online presence, including projects, blogs, testimonials, and team pages. If you’re looking to improve your online presence, Hauzo Handyman & Repairing may be a great choice.


Plumbing is a WordPress topic that caters to handymen and plumbers, with a focus on domestic development and renovation services that include plumber machines, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. Other organizations can also benefit from its compatibility.

Plumbing Spl

Plumbing Spl. WordPress is meant for plumbing companies, plumbers, and repairs, among other things. Plumbing can be a great choice for your online presence. Your online presence is complete with this theme’s essential features, such as projects, project details, a blog, and a testimonial page. I am interested in releasing your company’s website, Plumbing Spl. is the best option.

Plumbing Company

This theme can help you design a fully functional business or corporate site. It is equipped with a variety of tools and effects that guarantee unparalleled performance and functionality. The plumber WordPress theme’s style is enhanced by the addition of full-width images to its clean layout. The site’s loading speed is improved by having a clean code on all devices. Furthermore, the page will automatically adjust to a variety of screen resolutions.


Kempner is a WordPress theme that was developed specifically for plumbers, agencies, companies, startups, and other similar businesses. Its beautiful and unique design is the perfect match for your online web presence.


Houzfix is a WordPress theme that is designed for handymen and home maintenance. Plumbing services, electrical work, carpentry, home repair business, building and furniture refurbishment consulting are all suitable for this theme’s unique creation. Websites that provide cleaning services and all kinds of home maintenance.

Plumbing Repair

Plumberpro is an ideal WordPress theme for plumbers, electricians, repairmen, barbers, and carpenters. It comes with retina support and is optimized for mobile devices. This template is excellent, professional, and user-friendly. You have the option to use it for business, construction, renovation, electricity, isolation, and other purposes.

Plumbing service

Plumbing is a WordPress theme that is both bright and modern, designed for plumbing, renovation, maintenance, electrician, or repair companies. Here you will find all the necessary pages, including the About page, Services page, Blog, and Contacts. This theme also comes with a Team page where you can add useful info about your specialists, and an Appointment page that is going to make it super easy for your customers to book an appointment.





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